Welcome to Disaster Management Training School

  Armed Police Force (APF), the only paramilitary force of Nepal, is mandated for disaster management and relief work. According to Armed Police Force Act, 2058(2001); “to render assistance to the relief of natural calamities or epidemic occurred or likely to occurred in any part of Nepal. ” The Ministry of Home Affairs  decided to entrust APF as a prime security agency in disaster management particularly in response phase. The Government of Nepal authorized Armed Police Force to establish Disaster Management Training School (DMTS) in Kurintar, Chitwan. Hence, the school was established as the Disaster Management Training Centre on December 8, 2011.

APF DMTS is located at the Kurintar, Ichhakamana Rural Municipality, Ward No-4, Chitwan which is approximately 100 km from the Katmandu .  APF DMTS is situated in the height of 345 mtr from sea level. Pokhara is another 100 km from this Training Centre, Gorkha 35 km, Bandipur 40 km, Sauraha 50 km. Therefore, this Training School is strategically located and is also concomitantly involved in local augmentation need for rescue, and relief or humanitarian assistance if required in the Kathmandu Valley or other cities.

It has been always said that Disaster Management trainings and rescue operations is the toughest, gruesome, sensitive and always in harm's way. Therefore, this training school has given ample emphasis to develop competent, confident and committed offi ces trained in disaster related rescue operations and other humanitarian relief works through a well- established, sequential and progressive professional disaster related training and education system.

APF DMTS is solely dedicated to conduct disaster related various basic and advance courses to its personnel to provide humanitarian assistance before, during and after any disaster. The disaster management trained personnel from this school have been performing very professionally throughout the country continuously.

The APF DMTS has the capability to conduct basic Disaster Management Training for mare than 1 hundred participants at once. The very experienced and trained skillful instructors have been conducting various disaster related courses using latest techniques and equipment. DMTS has a very advance store of latest search and rescue equipment related to collapsed structure, water rescue and deep diving, rope rescue, fire , road accidents and medical equipment. The APF DMTS has a dog squad for k-9 search  for any security or emergency purpose.   In the premises of DMTS, the US embassy of Nepal has constructed and handed over to APF DMTS a 25 bed capacity trauma centre. The main objective of the trauma centre is to provide emergency medical assistance to the victims of road accidents occur along the Prithvi Highway. This trauma centre will be one of the major emergency service provider in this area. The APF DMTS has been contributing its service to enhance the skill and capacity of its personnel to coup any kinds of emergencies since its establishment.

Roles and Responsibilities of APF DMTS

• To support APF,HQ in cooperating to harmonize departmental vision with other stake holders.

• To analyze and prioritize own current and future threats/challenges to achieve such vision.

• To determine and prioritize capabilities required.

• To undertake and run community based disaster preparedness, response in order to establish and maintain Community Action in Disaster  Response( CADRE)

• To establish tools and means for ensuring effective coordination, cooperation and role in HA/DR

• To speculate and prioritize disaster related tasks and be prepared for any eventualities.

• To develop the DMTS as regional hub and transform it into a centre of excellence.

APF DMTS provides a basic course in disaster management training to its members, which includes:

• Medical First Responder ( MFR)

• Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue(CSSR)

• Dead Body Management(DBM)

• Water induced disaster rescue including OBM

• Rappelling and Climbing

• Fire Fighting Techniques

• Practical Emergency Logistic Training


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