Logistics Aspect



The DMTS has barrack blocks as mentioned below:

Ø Administrative  building1

Ø Barracks: 19

Ø Ladies barrack: 1

Ø Fire simulator house: 1

Ø Trauma center: 1

Ø Warehouse: 2

Ø Dog squad barrack: 1

Ø Mess: 4

Ø Four story building for PEER Course

Internet/intranet facility

The Training School has been providing free internet wireless service within the Training School premises. Internet facility is sufficient to get the needed documents at the time of need.

MI Room

The DMTS has a Medical Inspection Room which remains open 24/7 with a team of paramedics under the command of Technical SI (Health Assistance) on duty. Ambulance service is provided from the DMTS to the APF Hospital for the treatment, if required.  





Ø Truck 2

Ø Ambulance 1

Ø Immediate response vehicles 2

Ø Office purpose vehicle 1


Ø Excavator 1

Ø Loader 2




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