1.      Disaster management training:10 weeks.

2.      Disaster management refresher training:2 weeks

3.      Community based awareness training

4.      Water rescue training for Nepal Police

Other conducting trainings

1.      Constable basic training

 Conducted Trainings are:

1.      PEER Course

2.     End user course

3.      Practical on Emergency Logistic Training

4.    Platoon commander training for SHC

Course overview

 APF Nepal Disaster management training school provides a 14 weeks course in disaster management training to its member, which includes;

1.      Medical First Responder (MFR)

2.      Collapse Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR)

3.      Dead Body Management after Disaster (DBM)

4.      Water Rescue

5.      Rope Rescue

6.      Fire Fighting

7.      Practice in Emergency Logistic Training(PELT)

8.      Unit Visit

9.      Miscellaneous package

All courses are purely practically oriented- all teaching is done in the field with real life scenarios so as to learn and acquire a real need based experience and to be familiar with the techniques when they come to a real disaster scene.




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